Welcome Families

This has been another year of significant economic challenges for our country, state and local communities. Many of us in the Trojan Family have been affected in some way as a result of the economic conditions.

In the Career Center we are committed to assisting USC students as they navigate through an uncertain job market, ensuring they have the tools needed to compete effectively. We also have a range of initiatives to increase the number of internships and full time jobs available for students

  • Trojans Hiring Trojans

    In partnership with the USC Alumni Association we encourage alumni to ‘think USC first’ and list available positions with USC.

  • Who's Hiring?

    Who's Hiring is a program to educate students on available positions that combines a series of ‘mini career fairs’ with information sessions and a weekly newsletter.

  • Converting Your Internship Into A Full Time Job

    A workshops to help students advance from intern to full-time hire.

If you would like to participate in any of the Career Center programs or share your ideas, please contact us at (213) 740-9105.

Recognizing the critical role family members often play in a student’s personal career choices, we provide you here an overview of our career resources. We suggest that you encourage your student to use our services, allowing us to become a partner with them during their college years and beyond.

To help you balance the role of being supportive while empowering your students with the independence to take charge of their careers, we’ve put together the following information for families to use when referring their students to the Career Center: