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Internship Programs at the Career Center provides individual advisement and programs for thousands of USC students each academic year. Two annual Internship Weeks allow employers to meet highly qualified students in all majors and disciplines. It is highly recommended to employers that internships be paid positions regardless of the industry or field.

Internship Programs can help you develop your internship program, call us at (213) 740-9105.

Q. What is an internship?

Internships :

  • offer the opportunity to work on a specific project with a designated manager
  • provide training, either “formal” or “on-the job”
  • are project based (50–70%). Clerical work should not exceed 30% of responsibilities
  • have a variety of opportunities to network with other members of the organization
  • are regularly supervised and evaluated with a clear understanding of duties, responsibilities, and expected results
  • should provide exposure to management-level personnel and opportunities to find mentors in particular career fields and industries
  • have varied length and time involvement based on the organization’s needs. USC’s academic calendar is organized around two 15-week Fall and Spring semesters and one 9-week Summer session.
  • Unpaid interns usually work 8-10 hours per week, but an internship assignments should not exceed 20 hours per week unless it is a paid internship and the student is not taking classes (summer internships)

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Q. Do I have to pay an intern?

  • USC encourages all internship providers to compensate interns
  • Compensation is commonly $7 – $20 per hour, depending on the nature of the position and the skill required.
  • Feedback is very beneficial and we recommend that you and your intern complete an evaluation form following the completion of the internship

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Q. How do I list an internship opportunity?

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Q. Does USC provide internship credit for paid or unpaid internships?

  • Students can receive credit for paid or unpaid internships through an academic department if they register for an appropriate class by the semester deadline. It is the responsibility of the student to register and follow through with all course work requirements. Students receiving credit must be available to attend regular scheduled class sessions. Employers are required to provide performance feedback on their interns at the end of the semester for the student to receive credit.

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Q. How long should an internship last?

  • The length and time involved for an internship varies according to the organizations needs. USC’s academic calendar is organized around two 15-week semesters (Fall and Spring) and one 12-week summer session.
  • Semesters are 15 weeks long and the internship can be from one to three semesters long. Interns usually work 8-12 hours per week, but internship assignment should not exceed 20 hours per week unless it is a paid internship and the student is not taking classes (summer internships)

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Q. Does Internship Programs require any applications or forms in order to provide internships to USC students?

  • Our office does not require any special documents, however, some internship classes may have requirements.

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Q. Can I recruit on-campus for internships?

  • Employers recruiting for internships may participate in the Career Fair and in the On-Campus Recruiting program. All internships must be structured, paid internships.

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Q. We are a non-profit -- how do we become a part of the off-campus USC Federal Work-Study Program?

  • Please contact Pamela Dixon (, in the Office of Financial Aid regarding eligibility.  The office location must be within 25 miles of campus.

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The mission of the Career Center is to provide exceptional career services to all members of the Trojan Family.

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